Easy and Effective Yoga Asanas for Eyes

Computer screens, laptop, mobile, etc…we all day are occupied between these gadgets. Not only they affect mental well-being but also impact the eyesight. Looking at emails, zoom calls, word docs our day passes by. Do we have any idea what this leads to? Increased weight, wrong postures, back pain, and even importantly, eyesight. We make all efforts to maintain our physical issues harmed by sitting in 9-5 job, but we totally forget to take care of the crucial organ of the body-eyesight, that work tirelessly in front of the screen. You may not feel the burn or weakness in the eyes sooner but if the practice of working on the laptop continues, then the itching is very normal. Obviously you would not want an essential part of your body to get weak at an early age, so what are you waiting for, start doing yoga asanas that are easy and effective for eyes and that can help you to remove your specs.

We suggest exercising your eyes regularly. There are certain types of yoga asanas to strengthen your eye muscles and who knows…you might get rid of those boring spectacles. In this article of Sarvyoga, we will discuss the easy yoga asanas for eyes that could also help you to remove your specs.

Effective yoga asana for eye

Know about the Eye Disorder as well

There are a few diseases that often happens because of the fungal and bacterial infections. These can literally make affect you mentally and emotionally. For such kind of problems, certain yoga methods are really helpful. The yoga techniques normalize the working and functioning of the eyes like improves short-sightedness, blurred vision, burning eyes, etc.

These are Easy and Effective Yoga Asanas for Eyes

  • Blinking
  • Changing eye focus-side to side
  • Changing the focus-front and side
  • Palming
  • Rotating
  • Up-down
  • Nose-tip viewing
  • Near and far viewing

Know more

There are total of 6 muscles that are responsible to connect the eye to the eye socket and makes them move sidewards and in up-down posture. It’s the flexibility of the eye that we can look at and see at every angle. But, whenever we put too much strain like reading, watching movies, driving, the eye muscles are drained out and this affects the flexibility. The eyes start burning and get tired. This is known as eye fatigue. If you are fond of looking too much into phones and other devices, then beware, it can severely worsen the disease. If you want to get rid of the eye-fatigue, then do practice yoga. The asanas not only gives a positive impact on the eyesight but also to the brain. Disorders like hypermetropia and myopia can be cured by practicing yoga regularly.

Here are 5 Easy and Effective Yoga Asanas for Eyes


Open the eyes broad and start blinking in a fast motion. Do this for about 10-12 minutes. After you complete a round, do not forget to close your eyes for about half a minute. We, when getting used to the screen-work, our blinking capacity goes down, and studies say that an eye should blink for around 25-30 times in a minute. This blinking exercise is helpful in strengthening the eye-muscle and helps in getting rid of burn eyes.


If at any point in time you learned yoga, then you must be aware of this word. Palming is a relaxation technique. Once performed, it gives immense comfort. Rub both your hands, once it is a bit warm keep both the palms on your eyes, let your eyes feel the warmth. Relax. Your eyes need this kind of comfort. So don’t forget to do this for the sake of your precious eyes, and that too when you had a long day at work near your gadgets.

Rotation and side

Ok, so now it’s the time to stretch up your eye muscles. Start moving your eyes slowly and steadily sideways, and then start doing the process in a circular motion. You will have to see that your neck doesn’t move. Do this exercise regularly without fail for 20-30 times.  If you come across any problem then you may move your finger and let your eyes move according to your finer.

Shoulder move

This asana, along with your eyes, will help your brain as well. Lie down and with the help of your arms left up your waist and let your legs straight, your toes should face outer. This asana fabulously promotes blood circulation, and thus it improves the functioning of the eyes and brain. It is one of a few yoga asanas that are easy and effective for eyes.


Bhramari is pranayama which is amazing for the eyes and brain. Practicing this asana including other yoga asanas helps you to remove your specs and promotes eye power. Best for those who suffer from eye-related problems and headaches. Sit down and put your fingers on your eyes horizontally. Exhale and make a bee buzzing sound during inhaling. Don’t pressurize on the eye and don’t open the lips as well.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

The eye is a very sensitive part of our body. It should be taken care of properly and on a regular basis. Eye yoga is a must thing that should be practiced without fail. However, a good diet is equally important.  Do not forget to consult your instructor or eye-doctor if in case if you are suffering from a serious eye-issue, before practicing any critical posture.

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