10 Best Radio Stations in Pune, Tune-In Now

10 Best Radio Stations in Pune, Tune-In Now

Pune, a vibrant Maharashtrian city is enriched with some mindboggling radio stations to tune into. One of the popular radio stations in Pune is Radio City 91.1 FM. This Pune radio station plays Bollywood songs and shares local news, keeping listeners engaged throughout the day. The next on the list is Red FM 93.5 famous for its fun shows and witty radio jockeys. The radio station mixes music, news, and comedy to encapsulate the overall spirit of Pune city.

If you believe old is gold, then AIR Pune 101.9 FM is ideal for you. Being a part of AIR (All India Radio), this radio station in Pune plays classic melodies along with discussions on multiple topics. The next FM channel is Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM which is an all-time favorite. It plays a mix of old favorites and latest hits. The humorous and enthusiastic RJs keep the audience engaged 24x7.

Further, you can tune into Radio One 95.0 FM if you want fresh content and Pune-based interactive shows. They discuss the city and its life in the form of interviews and podcasts with celebrities and known figures. So, if you are a radio buff and want a daily dose of entertainment then this article is for you as here we’ll be discussing the famous radio stations in Pune, so stay tuned.

Pune Radio Station List


Station name Frequency Languages Founded Year

Bajao Radio

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Online Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Uttarakhand, Haryanvi, Devotional 2020
Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM> 98.3 FM> Hindi, Marathi 2001
Red 93.5 FM 93.5 FM Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu 2009
Radio City 91.1 FM 91.1 FM Hindi 2001
BIG 95 FM> 92.7 MHz Hindi, English 2006
Radio One 94.3 FM 94.3 FM English, International 2012
Vividh Bharti 101 FM Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati 1953
Mirchi Love 104.2 FM 104.2 FM Hindi, Marathi 2016
Radio FTII 90.4 FM 90.4 FM Hindi, English, Marathi 2007
Vidyavani Radio 107.4 FM 107.4 FM Marathi 2005

1. Bajao Radio - Best Radio Station in Pune

Pune radio stations

Within a short period, Bajao Radio has emerged as one of the most famous radio stations in Pune. As a music lover and radio enthusiast you have to listen to Bajao Radio otherwise you will miss all the fun.

Talking about the renownedPune radio stations, Bajao Radio has a special place in the hearts of the people of Pune. This online radio streaming channel offers a wide range of content such as music, talk shows, regional and cultural shows, interviews, etc.

The list of FM radio stations in Pune is incomplete without Bajao Radio. So, if you still haven’t checked out Bajao Radio then do it now. You can download the Bajao Radio Mobile application on your iOS and Android devices. Don’t wait, just do it and get all the exciting stuff at your fingertips.

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2. Radio Mirchi 98.3

Pune Radio Station

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is a well-known entertainment-oriented radio station that offers great music and shows. The radio station is very famous, especially among the youth. The radio station has a mass fan following in Pune and all over India.

3. Red FM 93.5

FM radio stations in Pune

Red FM 93.5 is another famous Pune radio station offering foot-tapping and soulful music. Music is a wonderful tool that heals the soul and if you are a radio enthusiast then there are very less chances that you would need any kind of therapy shortly.

4. Radio City 91.1

Radio in Pune

Talking about great music how can we forget this amazing radio station – Radio City 91.1 FM. The culture of radio stations in Pune is trending, all thanks to radio channels like Radio City 91.1 FM that manage to cater to all the entertainment demands of their audience with their content effortlessly.

5. Big FM 92.7

Pune radio station list

Big FM 92.7 in Pune is a renowned radio station offering a variety of music and entertainment content. The energy-packed radio jockeys and hosts create an aura that mesmerizes the audience every time.

6. Radio One 94.3

radio stations in Pune

When you want entertainment with information, you need to tune into Radio One 94.3, a famous radio station in Pune. Its electrifying music, engaging talk shows, and local updates keep listeners tuned in and connected to their city’s pulse.

7. Vividh Bharati 101

Pune radio stations

Songs, news, and folk, that’s Vividh Bharti for you. A cult that is penetrated in our nerves way long back and cannot be replaced ever. Broadcasting of the channel was opened in Delhi on the 2nd of October 1957. Here you get to listen to old songs, classic hits, news, and folk content in free live streaming.

8. Mirchi Love 104.2

Pune Radio Station

The next candidate on the Pune radio station list is Mirchi Love 104.2. The channel is also called the first love song station in India. If you believe love is real then tune into this channel and listen to your all-time favorite love songs along with content like podcasts, talk shows, etc.

9. Radio FTII 90.4

FM radio stations in Pune

Radio FTII 90.4 is a famous community radio station formed on January 29th, 2007. It comes under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in accordance with the concerned Community Radio Policy of India. It was one of the very first applicants for setting up a community-based radio station.

10. Vidyavani Radio 107.4

radio stations in Pune

Currently, the programs of Vidyavani Radio 107.4 are being transmitted every day from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm. The programs focus on the various departments of Pune University including the welfare schemes, examination dates, upcoming events, etc.


In the end, we can all come on the same page that without radio stations our life would be flavorless. Content like soulful music, informative talk shows, podcasts, and comedy programs eases our nerves and makes our day-to-day lives more entertaining. Thus, what radio channels bring to the table in the form of vivid forms of entertainment is just flawless.

Therefore, if you are a radio buff too and want food for your soul in the form of music and entertainment then ‘Bajao Radio’ is what you need. Bajao Radio is an online radio streaming platform that offers a wide range of content like the latest songs, talk shows, interviews, news, and other informational programs, etc. Bajao Radio is predominantly emerging as a radio channel loved by all age groups.


1. What radio stations are most popular?

Radio Stations like Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Red FM 93.5, and Radio City 91.1 FM are the most popular radio stations in India.

2. Which is the largest FM radio in India?

Big FM is one of India’s largest radio networks that broadcasts at a frequency of 92.7 MHz. It was a part of Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd. and then was acquired by Sapphire Media Limited.

3. How many radio stations are there in Pune?

In Pune, there are majorly six major famous Radio Stations that broadcast music, news, and local information in languages like English, Hindi, and Marathi. Pune has also got Vividh Bharti which broadcasts local updates. Each channel has its unique vibe and flavor in terms of content.

4. What is the frequency of Radio Mirchi in Pune?

The frequency of Radio Mirchi in Pune is 98.3 FM.