How To Upload Song On YouTube Music

How To Upload Song On YouTube Music

Are you an artist or a music lover who is struggling to upload songs to YouTube? Don’t worry; we are here to help you and let you know how to upload song on YouTube. In this modern world, YouTube is doing the work for the artists. Millions of people around the globe use YouTube every day to quench their thirst for great music. Just Imagine! How could an artist miss out on the opportunity to reach billions of music fans with just a simple click? It is one of the best ways to offer great music to the ears and connect with music lovers. YouTube is a powerful tool not only for serving the community but also for enhancing a loyal fan base. It can play a pivotal role in one’s musical journey.

What does an artist desire for? The answer is very simple; it is recognition for its hard work. YouTube Music sets the stage for an artist to showcase one’s real talent to the world. Extensive reach, a user-friendly interface, and the opportunity to connect with music lovers are some of the benefits offered by YouTube. In this article, we will talk about how to upload songs on YouTube Music, why one should upload music on YouTube, and how to upload song on YouTube without copyright. So, get ready to create awesome playlists that you want to present to the music community!

Steps To Upload Music On YouTube

To upload music on YouTube; you don’t require a degree in rocket science. It is one of the easiest tasks you can do; however, all you need to do is follow the right steps. If you want to ensure that your music reaches the ears and attracts the attention it deserves, then follow this step-by-step guide. It will help you upload music to YouTube propitiously and pave the way for your entry into the digital world.

Create a YouTube Channel

To create a YouTube Channel you require a Gmail account. To start the process follow the steps:

  • Go to YouTube, search for the sign-in option, and click on the ‘sign in’ button. 

  • Click on the ‘create account’ option and follow the steps to create an account.

  • After creating a YouTube account, go to the profile icon, select Create a Channel, and follow the steps.

  • Customize the channel according to your taste and then you are all set to rock on!

In case, you already own a Gmail account simply go to YouTube sign in, and create a channel.

This channel will serve as your private space where you can upload music and manage other things.

Navigate to YouTube Music

Now that you have your own YouTube account, you can visit YouTube anytime and sign in with the same credentials. After signing in, you need to navigate to the YouTube Creator Studio. It is the place where you can upload your music on YouTube.

Access Your Artist Profile

Once you completed your log-in to YouTube, you need to visit YouTube Creator Studio. There you will find the “Music” Tab and it will lead you to your artist profile. The artist profile acts as your private space from where you can upload songs, manage playlists, and customize your profile.

Upload Your Song

  • Open YouTube via a web browser.  

  • Go to your profile.

  • Search and select the “upload music” option.

  • Browse the file you want to upload in the file browser window and select the file.

  • Review the “user policy” and accept it to start the uploading process.

Save The Video In The Right Format

To save the video on YouTube you need to follow the right strategy. YouTube supports video formats like MP4 or MOV and high-quality formats like FLAC and WAV. Streamlining with the right formats ensures a high-quality and optimal video on the platform for the audience.

Set Permissions and Privacy Settings

Set permissions and privacy settings according to your needs. Before publishing a song on YouTube ensure that you choose among public, unlisted, and private settings and control who can view your content. You must also manage other settings like embed options, comments, and distribution to ensure safety and privacy.

Publish Your Song

After opting for the right settings, you are all ready to publish your song on the platform. All you need to do is to click on the “publish” button and your song becomes accessible on YouTube for world audiences. Do not forget to pay attention to details for professional and engaging videos.

Promote Your YouTube Music

You need to participate energetically in the promotion of your YouTube music. Use Instagram, Facebook, and X for promotion, actively engage with viewers on YouTube through the comment section, collaborate with other creators to increase your fan base, and do various promotions to mark your presence.

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Why Should You Upload Music To YouTube?

If you upload music on YouTube, you will be able to get a variety of advantages that it offers to creators. Whether it is reaching millions of people or generating money from your content, YouTube will never disappoint you. Apart from this, YouTube provides several other benefits that make it a perfect choice for musicians and creators.

Broad Audience Reach

It offers a global reach to artists. As YouTube has billions of active users, it makes sure that your music reaches the ears and attracts a wide range of listeners. It also allows artists to connect with people around the globe with different languages, cultures, and tastes.

Monetization Opportunities

YouTube allows artists to generate revenue from their work. Creators can earn money through subscriptions, views on video, and fan support. It also allows artists to monetize their work by allowing third-party use, providing additional income sources.

Global Exposure

With extensive global reach, YouTube offers easy and smooth accessibility to musicians to connect with the global population. Eliminating boundaries, allows artists to increase their fan base and earn them recognition for their hard work on the world stage.

Integration with Other Google Services

By integrating YouTube videos with Google Play Music and Google Search additional convenience is offered to fans so that they can find their favorite content on different Google platforms. This in turn increases the artist’s visibility and earns him more views.

Engagement and Interaction with Fans

YouTube offers facilities like commenting, sharing, and like on videos, this will help a creator to actively engage with its fans, build strong relationships, and collect feedback. It allows artists to improve and provide meaningful content to their viewers and also enhances the overall fan experience. It creates a sense of community between the fan and the artist.

Analytics and Insights

After uploading music on YouTube a creator will get robust data about views attracted by the video, likes, and overall ranking on the platform. YouTube offers a detailed analysis of engagement data and performance. It helps artists understand the audience, create a better content strategy, and make smart decisions for better reach and impact.

Diverse Content Formats Accepted

YouTube allows musicians to upload different kinds of videos like audio tracks, lyrical videos, live performances, or music videos. This flexibility aids creators to showcase their creativity and cater to the needs of a wide range of audiences. Whether it is a well-edited music video or a simple one YouTube accommodates it all.

How To Upload Song On YouTube Without Copyright

To upload music to YouTube without any copyright issues is very essential for one’s success on YouTube. We will provide you with some of the best strategies that are not only manageable but also easy to follow. Whether it is creating original content or royalty-free music, obtaining a proper license, or utilizing creative common content, you get to know about the right ways.

Create Original Content

It is important to upload original content on YouTube and create your own music. By promoting originality one can easily attract audiences for view. By creating their own music artists have full control over its content and marketing, which diminishes the possibility of copyright violation.

Use Royalty-Free Music

Use royalty-free music to upload music on YouTube. It allows creators to use thousands of tracks available for use without compromising copyright issues. Royalty-free music offers optimal quality tracks for videos and these tracks are license-free.

Obtain Proper Licenses

Before using music in your YouTube videos it is imperative to obtain a proper license. The license may include a synchronization license for musical composition and mechanical licenses for recorded sounds. This will safeguard you from any legal consequences and penalties.

Utilize Creative Commons Content

You can access the vast library of music that is available for free music by different creators and utilize Creative Commons content for your YouTube videos after adhering to the terms. You can use these kinds of music in your videos by giving proper credit to the original creator.

Public Domain Music

Use public domain music for free to avoid any copyright issues. It offers a wide range of classic and traditional music that one can utilize to add creative richness to video creation. Public domain music does not require any licensing and it is free to use without any legal consequences.

Transformative Use

Transformative use helps creators to add a new context, meaning, and significance to the original music available. It is easily used for educational videos, commentaries, parodies, remixes, and other videos like these. It allows users to add a touch of creativity without infringing copyright rules.

Seek Permission from Artists or Labels

Obtain proper permission from artists or labels to use copyrighted music. It is essential to negotiate and receive licensing for using copyrighted music and to ensure overall authorization. This will save you from any legal and copyright infringement issues.

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Conclusion - Everything About Upload Music On YouTube

YouTube is an ocean of countless opportunities for budding artists who want to showcase their talent to the world. A YouTube channel not only connects musicians with a global audience but also helps them to earn revenue. An Artist requires step-by-step knowledge of utilizing different features and how to upload songs on YouTube to ensure hassle-free uploading. 

Even though YouTube is one of the most used platforms still, it is not easy to master it. Owing to a YouTube channel and uploading videos is not sufficient to achieve success; attention to the other aspects is also necessary. It is imperative that creators adhere to copyright rules, have strong privacy settings, and know how to take advantage of other specialized features. Right guidance and knowledge are the key aspects one cannot dare to miss. To create an impact on the platform, musicians must need to stay updated and informed.

Therefore, we provided inside-out knowledge on steps to upload music on YouTube, Why should you upload music on YouTube, and how to upload songs on YouTube without copyright. By following the right path and deploying the right approach, musicians can easily utilize the power of this extraordinary platform to showcase their talent and leave an unforgettable impression on global music lovers.


1. Is it free to upload music on YouTube music?

It is free to upload music on YouTube music. It allows artists to create their profiles and upload music without any cost. However, there are some premium services like ad-free listening, offline music playback, YouTube Premium, etc., and to avail of them users need to pay subscription fees.

2. How can I add a song to a YouTube video?

You can easily add a song to a YouTube video by using different video editing tools available online. But remember, you must comply with the copyright rules.

3. How do I upload a music license to YouTube?

You are not required to physically upload a music license on YouTube. However, you must ensure that you have proper rights and permissions to use music in your video. In case, you want to give license information, you can provide it in metadata or description of your video file.

4. Can you upload an mp3 to YouTube?

Yes, it is feasible that you can upload an mp3 to YouTube. All you need to do is convert it into a video file by using editing software available online. However, if you upload a video in MP4 and MOV or high-quality formats like FLAC and WAV, it offers high-quality videos to the listeners.

5. How do I upload audio from my phone to YouTube?

You need to convert the audio file into a video format to upload it on YouTube. For uploading an audio file first attach it with a static image or add a video clip to convert it into a video file. After conversion, upload it on YouTube.